Customer Acquisition

Go  beyond marketing with integrated sales.

Shift your focus away from counting clicks and start achieving sales results with SoSell’s Live Leads on Site. If your emails aren’t driving sales, what purpose do they serve? It’s not statistics that make purchases, but individuals. While traditional email marketing emphasises on campaign analysis, it falls short in identifying immediate sales opportunities.

Often, email marketing is acknowledged as important, but there’s often a disconnect with actual sales efforts. That’s about to change.

Witness leads arriving on your website in real-time, complete with their contact details, ready for one-click-one-call follow-up. With their contact information at your disposal, our integrated CRM facilitates prompt and strategic follow-ups. This ensures that you not only attain a clear and immediate return on investment (ROI) but also sustains it.

The Process


To reach the right audiences for your products and services, we leverage a wide range of marketing platforms. Our expertise in utilising our own proprietary data-driven technology as part of our process gives us a significant competitive advantage.

By leveraging unique data insights, we enhance our marketing efficiency, allowing us to connect with highly relevant and engaged audiences.


Partner with us, and you’ll benefit from our comprehensive lead generation strategy, transparent pricing, and our ability to reach targeted audiences with precision.

Let us help you drive your business forward by providing you with a steady flow of qualified leads that yield tangible results.


All of your customer lead opportunities are sent in real time to one central sales lead generation portal. With a built in CRM you access and manage every aspect of your sales lead pipeline from any device or location.

Transparent insights, enable you to keep track of the  performance and ROI of your account at a quick glance.